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Heresy, Hypocrisy and Revenge Lyrics


Good Riddance - Heresy, Hypocrisy and Revenge Songtext

Look or what you've left for me
Now that you've moved on
Won't pass for therapy
Just one more scar that's never gone
You tried to break me down
Time and time again
Rejection feels to scream
But I can't make a sound

It's me you tried to hide
As I hold you in my arms
As I feel your body broker
Is this just a dream?

Disappointment follows me
It's always just behind
Self doubt bred solitude
Frustration robs me blind
No pain no part of me
I have grown numb adn cold
Self-centered fantasy
Obsessed with self control

This is your worst fucking nightmare
One chance a clean break
Much more than I can take
Lies cast shadows
Dark things nobody knows
You've lost who's won?
My revenge has just begun
I've just begun
And I'm coming home
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