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In the Garden of Lost Shades Songtext

Blood on the crying engraved name
Hot like my memories
Black stone down in my pain
Dev in eyes of my tears

Blood on flowers of deads
Lost shades are sleeping in the dark
There's no wind in my face
Cemetery's the grace... the grace

See the tears in candlelight
Bleeding thoughts, they're in my mind

Falling down to the ground
In the garden of souls
It's the triumph of the death
November thorns hurt me...
Fragen über Galadriel
Was ist Frau Galadriel?
Warum ist Galadriel so stark?
Wie nennt Galadriel Gandalf in der Hobbit?
Was hat Gimli von Galadriel bekommen?
Galadriel - In the Garden of Lost Shades
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