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Problem melden

Genesis 12A Songtext

A new project unveiled not by man
Genesis 12/a is underway
The seed has been planted, the forming begins
Now, mankind, a new way to live
All around you can breathe
Genesis is now complete
Bitter cold bites the flesh
A world so new and fresh
All along we took advice as you were taking all of us
To genesis
Genesis 12/a
Now the magic begins with the nerve in its place
While you're waiting our hearts bleed your name
In a world like ours pregnant with disease
You're taking all of us!
What a long long time
You'll have to wait
For earth to die
And genesis to create
Fragen über Foreign Objects
What are foreign objects in food?
What is foreign body?
Does your body push out foreign objects?
Where can I buy foreign objects beer?

Album Universal Culture Shock

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Foreign Objects - Genesis 12A
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