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Problem melden

Destination Undefined Songtext

What if the present
Suddenly became the past future
The systems reroute the situation
Lead to another with the black sun tide
Bind together they formulate rain
And the patterns burn
And where it starts - death
Where it ends rearranged
You can lead

A new life
A constelli take your time
Your destination's undefined
You're alive

Go back and die to live up to you
Recycle yourself without red out (WHAT THE FUCK?)
Being denied
Discover sentence you never knew
Take off your blind
Positive negative energy
More mystified

The future
Has suddenly become the past enigma
Infidelity reality and turbulence
What you did before living
Hopes and dreams and all that
The fortress has survived destiny
Yet you see eye to eye
And events
From the beginning until the end
The future
I'm turning into a psycho

Destination is undefined

"What? Oh. Well I'm not really sure my feelings...
My life is kind of like a big mystery.
We'll see...significant in this case. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what's next." -
If you can figure out all of what he says, you rock.
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Album Universal Culture Shock / Undiscovered Numbers & Colors (2004)

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Foreign Objects - Destination Undefined
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