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soul soap, hangin by a rope
dressed up with a false recollection of a faded hope,
in my mind, digging hard to find,
any artifact left to ease all my tortured mindset,
the praying and constant contemplating, it does me no good, must be a body made of steel and nails and wood,
please ease my mind, I've tried it your way now you try it mine!
Its alright to let it out
its alright so let it, just let it, just let it,
Its alright to let it out
its alright so let it, just let it, just let it OUT!
back track, an incidental smack
of every little loss and cost and new pain assed boss
of my employment, not the enjoyment of life,
it seems there might be help if I could get it just right as I OPEN
and try to get away, still told the potential each and every day so just SHOW THEM a group that might help, there are so many but many dealt
sticking with the new breed
spawned of a new seed
the emotion it grows
as our hurt is felt no one knows!

So that's it, no reason left to quit
more and more others decay and on our hearts they spit
as its over, the tyrannical reign, the price has been dealt runner up to pain but they're not OPEN
you know they just decline
ignoring the pressures yes on a fragile mind
we gotta SHOW THEM just who we are, destined to rule and surpass by far, we gotta OPEN and then just SHOW THEM right why a generation like us will most surely survive, we gotta OPEN and then just SHOW THEM the way
its our time today
sticking sticking the stain
its time to release the frame!

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