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Last Night of Solace Songtext

Legends are born at night
In darkness they are forged
Constant flow of soul
Curious turns of fate

The stories I was told
When I was young
And my mind was innocent
Still remain
Deeply rooted within my heart

Storms are raging on this open sea
A journey seeking to explore a world so far away
The course is set for knowledge and not for gold
Legend has it - unlimited wisdom awaits in a

World still unknown to our civilized kind
History tells us what we can hope to find
Roaring in the woods is an everlasting beat
Seeking its source legend tells us that we can all be free

Last night of solace
Last night of solace

The stars come crashing down
On me - the life I lived
Everything was leading me to this
A journey towards seeking inner peace
At last I found all I'm meant to be

Nature in the hand of my will
Time to decide what I feel

I must choose what it is I feel
The eyes I'm staring into won't let go until
And I scream

All of my time I've been here for nothing
All of my life I've been here for something
All of my time I've been looking for this life
Escaping the nothing

Reaching the shore of the fabled land
No one ever thought we would get this far
But now we're here and
All the impressions are too much for my mind
I need to seek out the grail for which that we came
Heading out in haste

A legend lives inside - it always will
Formed by the world in which it lives

Thunder nights following monsoon rain
Endlessly falling from a starless black heaven
Tropical climate is a force of its own
Which we who are left tries to survive
This nature is wild beyond my wildest dreams
At last I have arrived - the secret is mine

Last night of solace
Last night of solace

My kingdom will come and my heart will prevail
As I take a step towards the burning sun
Which is the miracle lying in this glade
And I fall unto my knees in shameless awe
This is under Heaven - this is above Hell - this is
The heart of nature shining on my soul
So blinding but yet enlightening in my mind
And now I know
I have to walk away and live in peace
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Essence - Last Night of Solace
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