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Great Things Take Time Songtext

The old man saw the fallen tree
As far more than just dead wood
For love, time and his old sharp knife
Could change that tree to something good
So each piece of bark he stripped away
Using only his weathered hands
To find the scent of sweet sticky pine
Just the wood for this master's plan
Soon free from bark this naked tree
Cried out for his new design
But the patience of the old man
Reminded him that great things take time
So he had a vision in his mind of what he wanted that tree to be
And he saw that tree as perfect and good
Before he touched a single piece
So he took the tree back to his home
And he set it on his working stone
And he began to chip away, chip away
And soon he did not feel so all alone
The tree began to take shape
Oh, his heart began to smile
But he knew he still had work to do
Because he remembered that
Great things take time
Some pieces of the wood were stubborn
Some just cut as easy as the air
But he didn't care how long it took
To make each part complete
Yeah, the time he took just showed
How much he cared,
How much he cared
Now perhaps in your fearful forest
You've found that you have fallen down
Don't be sad, don't be scared,
No, do not be afraid
Because there is one who can pick you up
Off the ground
You see if your destiny is to be carved
Into a perfect thing
Then life does not begin until you die to
The way your living (repeat)
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Ed Cash - Great Things Take Time
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