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Good Ol' Albert Songtext

Good Ol' Albert came into this world
'Bout nineteen years ago
He was born to a salesman and a native girl
Who taught him how to go and grow
He was raised in Tennessee
Where he learned just how to be
An intelligent good ol' boy
He started schoolin' at the age of four
Though it was a bore cause it didn't make his mind sore (soar)


He was an overall genius, a bluejean machine
And I know the boy had something to say
He pursued his education at the school of knocks
Where he was hit by the rocks of the world
He stayed away from the hippies and the jocks
Thinking he'd be better off with a girl
No but he's the kind of guy that needs his own space
He won't stick around too long in the same place
He knows he's got too much life ahead
To get stuck in the same old chase


He said hey it wouldn't be fair for you to not do you music
'Cause he told me the Lord was gonna use it
It might just be for one or two
But it will pick them up when they're blue

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Ed Cash - Good Ol' Albert
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