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Night Falls Forever Songtext

Night Falls Forever

Years ago I left the day behind
To sleep a while, under the veil of night
In a dream I walked through the garden
With cross in hand
And with every step, you weren't there

Hiding in darkness with weakness inside
And there behind the mask, all reason dies
Remembered the faces, and words left behind
The lives lost in the balance of our hidden empire

Take me home, I'm setting for the sunrise
Take me home, when night falls forever

Image in shadows, moving behind
Under a coffin still, our secret lies
"Suffer the wrath, with power and rage" he said
And carry the burden of our hearts
In living undead


Under God I lived my life
A servant from the start
Into the sun, from ashes to dust
This time the night falls forever


When I needed you most you let me down
Come down from the cross, show me your crown
You won't have my faith anymore
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
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Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
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Janni Kusmagk geht wieder auf Reisen
Digital Ruin - Night Falls Forever
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