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The Road to Mexico Songtext

Crazy days in New York on Avenue A
Somewhere through the streetlights you can hear the music play
Everybody's swingin' to a change of pace
Candy Corona down here in the market place
Gang men along the bridge twisted from the start
Say, "Hold on, you're way of course;
This time you've gone too far;
Just remember what you started-
Ain't it time for you to blow back to workin' for the dollar
On the Road to Mexico

Way down on Paradise Street, a wing and prayer
It was hard movin' up-harder comin' down there
Roads in all directions, division by degrees
That's how the deals go down here on Paradise Street
There are some amongst us-they know just who they are
All gold along the path-you couldn't ask for more
But the deaf and the blind and the speechless
You got to learn to rock and roll
If you're lookin' for a better deal on the Road . . .
In the shadows in the boulevards the odds were 20 to 1
Rockin' Ron' could keep the whole thing rollin' along
Move it to the left through the bleeding, drivin' rain
If the crew don't make it through nothin' ever be the same
One thing worth talkin' about, swear it won't take long
Some days you got to move without a look at the water beyond
Along the windin' road that's how the story goes
Take it or leave it on the road . . .

Reachin' for the borderline with heart so strong
Cold sweat and a desire to belong
Mixed up in a hurricane like you never seen before
Wasn't much to talk about-everybody hit the floor
Sweet angel of mercy, won't you shine your light
Just around the mountainside-El Paso shinin' bright
If'n you be yearnin' for to ramble and to roam
Remember how it all goes down on the Road to Mexico.
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Dave Sharp - The Road to Mexico
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