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Man, Woman & Child Songtext

Rip the tacks off a black man accused of being wicked
Allah's the biggest killer ever since the universe existed
Death is the penalty for livin'
Regardless of givin' arms to the born sinnin'
Everything happens by the hands on the strings
Which God be pullin', every future has a history
Lyrically my scientific study of comprehension shall result in the victory
And mental liberty, self importance, the Lord
Brings you food for thought on my iron horse
Turn anti-Christ and slay the fuckin' poor
Start a bloody war, chop at cattle
I know niggas in this business are gonna fuck me
So when it happens, it was all meant to be
'Cause you won't reach heaven without Satan
You can't have one without the other, my brother
My sister, father, Old Earth and all exceptions
Of God's action is the last of your downfall
The only form of the truth makes me go all out
Dedicate this shit to Man, Woman and Child
[Chorus: x2 Cilvaringz]
Keep it within the realms of reality
Keep it within the realms of education
Keep it within the realms of acknowledgements
Keep it within the realms of life
'Cause my rainbow faces with the rains to desalinate the salt
We were puttin' iron colts in maidens
I escape the feet my narrow margins
At first I thought Saddam Hussein trade blood of the Martherus
My people across the fifty good, fifty equals
Was taken hostage like a sequel to [?]
I tried to understand, I tried to find the knowledge
Behind the Middle East, warlord Conglomerus
As science class started fuckin' with cathodes
Grammar scope to clearly investigate the atoms
Of war, add the negative electron
Seconds later I can centralise peace as the positive one
And though I'm still a Young God
I live by the each one, teach one, even Older Gods
Five elements to represent plus enlighten the
Dark pit, I was pawn, an eight fall fighter
I handle killer tigers from the jungle and mangle
Thoughts consistin' of bloodbaths and Jesus' sandals
'Cause I been taught by nine masters who reach the peace
Of 36 styles to increase understanding, ignorance and banning
Shared the wigs, Ringz the sun runnin' with the fam Diggs
Speakin' truth from a reliable source
God exists in physical forms, not on the cross
I sung the song of peace, I received blood
I screamed out clean and received mud
I yelled out Heaven and felt the wrath of Hell
I called out peace and heard shells hit the concrete
By all means I'm in a stage of understanding
Runners engage the peace when the war's supplementin'
Fuck time, that's the master illusion
Time's the fusion of consciousness and confusion
Move in the free world, with Twelve Jewels
Everything without an opposite has evil roots
As long as there is violence there is silence
As long as there is death there is life
As long as there is man there is wife
As long as there is hate there is love
As long as there is... oh shit
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Vor 2 Tagen
Claudia Norberg: So viel bekam sie für die Wendler-Scheidung
Sara Kulka: Kinder wissen von Klinikaufenthalt
Vor 2 Tagen
Sara Kulka: Kinder wissen von Klinikaufenthalt

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