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Jump the Gag Songtext

Ah! Let me explain - Ah - What we are!
Dancin' queen saturday night fevah!
Ouh! Da seventies, da eighties, ladies!
Da flower's now, 96! Shake ya hips!

One step back, cha cha cha, wreck attack!
Sidestep, in, out, Jump da gag!
Grab ya girl! Spin her 'round! Freeze!
Now throw up! Will you be baggin' it please?
Diss goes out to our brothers in bands!
Let us begin to shake da moneymaker's hands!
But fans, keep 'em! Pomp! Pomp it back!
Already we are to jump da gag!

Jump da gag!
Buhdäh!? Buhdäh!?
(Ei dangäh!)

Jump da gag is a song about jumpin'!
Da band is Pompin'! Da crowd is Rompin'!
We're makin' money, while you're shakin' your leg!
Thanx a lot an' jump da gag!

See, funny honey! Da Gag's jump or not!
Move your ass, for suckers move you butt!
We break da rules - dance or die - with smile
Goodbye bye bye! we ain't got style!

One last word to my friend Da Nag:
Buy diss record an' jump da gag!

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Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
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Blackeyed Blonde - Jump the Gag
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