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Fault to Believe 1 Songtext

Born, into a system of fascism,
A perfect race-pack
Expected God would bless it, hmm...
I don't want apologize
For this or for my being
I'm a man, not the system;
Don't you never stop seeing?
It's a fault to believe
That god has got predilections
Perhaps he only needs
A little change and action
So some are white,
And others might be brown
But none of us should think
He's a creation's crown
Neither you, black racists,
Nor the heralds of the holocaust
Not the Eskimos and not
The little men from mars
Cause indeed we're all meat,
And in the end, we're lonely corpse
We have a common source,
We're living by the same force
We swam in the oceans,
And we sat on the trees
We discovered the fire
And we learned to seize
Our brains grew fast,
I don't really know, what for
Cause one day they were bored
And thus invented war
But the war we should fight
Is against our wreck-ass pride
We should light a fire 'gainst
Might that guides us
Through the night
We should go to the seas
And drown the hate-disease
We should sit on the trees
Growing on the ground of peace!

It's a fault to believe!

We've got a strong sympathy
For everyone
Whose history's
A long song of tragedy,
Suppression and of misery
Whom unmerciful disaster
Followed fast and followed faster
Till he cried:
"There is no master of the world,
That I could trust!"
Well, life's a present, they say,
But it's like a Trojan Horse
You can refuse it, you can use it
And accept its bitter lores
You can strike in all directions
And always hit the wrong
And that's what we do -
Sometimes a whole life long
But life can be short,
So you really can't afford
Crossing swords with someone
Who may be a best friend of yours
Otherwise I can prophesy
Coming soon a big bang;
Man, this can't go on like this,

It's a fault to believe!
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Album Masafagga (1995)

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