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Problem melden

A Hora Da Zona Morta (full Circle) Songtext

Random faith on nursery - rock on, refresh our times
Reformed bulls will fuck into infinity - rock on, rock fine
Baby newborn, beauty hidden - rotting freedom for a spine
New sweet fury, makes pig fry

Look at this species of darkness
Painted on walls made of kids
Lost deep inside this illusion
What if your guide is this bee?

Shameful distraction, cream your beds under the candlelight

For that you'll roll, freaking out in time
For that you roll, freaking out - time

Ten good years, a child builds reason fucking them all in their prime
Falling apart right before this last season, no synonym other than slime

Will be a welcome redemption - frogs in jail for crime
Now you are a farting weasel, it might awake your pride
Some weird, tall and talking tree, it said you shall eat lard
Sit, wait, talk to my compass, listen: you're fat.

Ringing mike, a singing rebellion, will you dance to the sight of me
Well I can sing for the life of billions, I can sing

Burn out syndrome, last expulsion - die - who will you, will you fuck?
Probably my father time
We're en garde, too afraid to let the sultan fly - en garde, on time
We're en garde cause we're fucking Jedi!
Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
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Dschungelcamp: Janina muss gehen
Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
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Danni Büchner soll Sohels Sohn nicht kennenlernen
Are you God? - A Hora Da Zona Morta (full Circle)
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