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The Glory Anthem Songtext

Tomorrow is my destiny
Today is my cross
Yesterday is gone with the time
It's just a death in Dreamgard
And now I'm just an old Bard
Hands forgot fury of fight
But I know that changes are coming
Coz' I've got back my mind

I'll shake off the dust of time
And I'll raise my sword
It's time, come to my side
And swear to me the oath
And thousand banners unfold
The Heroes of Past will bring
And Legions of warriors
The glory anthem will sing

I was born in another land
Insane and dark is that place
I was born with armor and sword
And Death was my first teacher
I was taught to be a God
But I'm not Master of slaves
And I rebelled, but they shackled me
And took away my own face

But essence returned to me
I'm raising my sword
It's time, so I see
Hurry to swear the oath
And thousand...

I swear your memory won't die
It shall live forever
Your kids shall be proud of you
Come to me, ye free children of Earth
Hand by hand, steel by steel, together till the end
Fire's low, night's almost over
But ale still flows free
The song's still in the air
Look, sky's filling with blood
Look, look your best
Maybe this is your last sunrise
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Archontes - The Glory Anthem
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