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Problem melden

Silent Force Songtext

Send back to primal life
Where man rules the other one
A young mind so confused
What's the purpose of it all
Wander in chaotic darkness
Usual reaction has gone
A strangulation atmosphere
Commands the fall

This land of shadows
Yet it seems so beautiful
It hides the silent force
A luring entity
Holds a tormenting pain
Through the leaves it whispers
It creates a contrast
I suddenly see

I am here
To contain
I destroy
To remain

The right to kill
The right to burn
The right to stay
The right I've earned
But is it right
To give my life for
Some one else's greed

I'm everything I've always hated
I now make the same mistakes
My country is responsible
For everything I've always hated
Made by men I've always hated
They created, always hated
Fragen über Altar
Wo steht der Altar?
Was ist der Plural von Altar?
Was ist das Tabernakel?
Was gibt es in der katholischen Kirche?
Altar - Silent Force
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