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88 Fingers Louie - Outright Lies Songtext

I try my best to reach perfection
And all I get is more rejection
I wanna know what you're about
It's nice to know
Someone's out there asking
But what's it worth
When it's all you're telling?
I think it's you I've finally figured out
Those outright lies you've said
Are knocking me down
What's left to do
When your life's turned upside down?
I've gotten flak from all who know me
If you speak truth
Then you need to show me
You can't expect me
To just nod my head and smile
Cuz ignorance is not my style
As my false pride gets in the way
I start believnig all you say
I cross my fingers all the while
I'm running in a winless race
I'm out of time and out of place
I play the sucker all the time
I simply can't make up my mind
Whoever I choose to believe
Who says they won't stand up and leave
And who'll be waiting next in line
Won't you give me another sign?


Turn it upside down
Turn it upside down
Turn it upside down
Turn it upside down

Album Behind Bars (1995)

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