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Swamp Blues Lyrics


22 Pistepirkko - Swamp Blues Songtext

Meet the limbo
Sue your ma
Eat the ashtray
During the party
Why at the parties?
Parties are fun

I left the party (why?)
Gotta find something more fun
Little walk might fresh my mind
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Sneaking around, sneaking around
I wonder why, I didn't mind

Now I take a look at the stars
My mind is flying straight to the mars
Ough it looks like it should
I gotta a feeling

I'm there's, there's for good (6x)
Im Trend
Lena Gercke: Ihr Baby ist da!
Vor 18 Stunden
Lena Gercke: Ihr Baby ist da!
Sabia Boulahrouz ist Oma
Vor 2 Tagen
Sabia Boulahrouz ist Oma

Album Big Lupu (1992)

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