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See me walking down the sleety town
6 p.m. and feeling down
Oh la la la - meet the man in the moon
Hear me talking to myself again
6 a.m. or god knows when
Oh la la la - did the night come too soon?

See me taking all that vitamin
Afternoon it's time to spin
Oh la la la - goes my wintertime blues
Hear me caterwauling in my room
Half past 9 falls the supper gloom,
Oh la la la - who's the ghost in my shoes?

Hey sister! May sister!
Bring out your dancing feet!
Hey sister! Soul sister!
Ignite the morning-street!
All I need is love so please be my queen
Hey sister May sister

See me walking down the birdsong town
Through the morning till the sun goes down
Oh la la la - let the street life begin
Hear the laughter of the bustling crowd
Hold my heart kiss the world around
Oh la la la - feel the fire within

[Refrain: 2x]
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Album Drops & Kicks (2005)

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